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Horizontal Bending LED Neon Flex

The horizontal bending LED Neon Flex is RGB Neon LED strip which can be used to create smooth shadow and glare free colored lighting on walls and curved surfaces. You won't need a plastic cover or diffuser when you use these strips because they are encased in a special milky silicone molding. This product is ideal for architectural accents, signs, displays, night clubs, storefronts, interior designs, or any application where a dot free color changing light is desired. 

This neon flex strip is side emitting, meaning it can only bend on a horizontal axis. 

Horizontal Bending LED Neon Flex

Features of Horizontal Bending LED Neon Flex

● Excellent design, exquisite workmanship to ensure stable and reliable performance

● Unique extrusion process and excellent flexibility for proper bending while being easy to model

● Color options: monochrome/CCT

● IP level: IP65-68 protection for waterproof and anti-yellow

● -40-55℃ wide operation temperature

● longer service life with five year warranty

● No docking, no dark areas

● A variety of specifications can be customized according to requirements

Senbe Lighting has rich experience in manufacture and supply of Horizontal Bending LED Neon Flex for all indoor and outdoor lighting decoration projects. Welcome to select the top quality Horizontal Bending LED Neon Flex for your business. Contact us to get details of Horizontal Bending LED Neon Flex and acquire free quotation at any time.

Horizontal Bending LED Neon Flex

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