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Commercial Electric Rope Lighting

Commercial electric rope lighting is a flexible, decorative lighting option that is typically used for illuminating outdoor or indoor spaces for decorative or functional purposes. It is a long, thin strand of small bulbs encased in a plastic or rubber casing, which can be bent or shaped to fit around corners or into desired configurations. The bulbs are typically connected in series, with a single electrical cord or wire providing power to the entire strand.

Commercial Electric Rope Lighting

Function of Commercial Electric Rope Lighting

One of the main functions of commercial electric rope lighting is to provide ambient lighting in a space. It can be used to highlight certain features or areas, such as the outline of a building or the contours of a landscape feature. Rope lighting can also be used to provide additional light in a space, such as in a dark hallway or along the edge of a walkway.

In addition to its decorative and functional uses, commercial electric rope lighting is also often used for safety and security purposes. It can be used to mark the edges of a staircase or walkway, or to provide additional lighting in a parking lot or other outdoor area.

Overall, commercial electric rope lighting is a versatile and practical lighting option that can be used in a variety of settings to add ambiance, highlight features, and provide additional lighting and safety.

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