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Dimmable LED Neon Flex

Save up to 80% energy whenever you don't need the extra brightness at night. Or do you plan on creating different mood presets for your room? The dimmable flexible neon light can do just that!

Features of Dimmable LED Neon Flex

● IP67- IP68 Waterproof - The dimmable neon led strip light is made of flexible rubber that's IP67-IP68 waterproof - 100% shielded from particulates, dust, and tested against water ingress.

● Easy Cutting - The unit can easily cut according to the size you need at marked levels.

● Low Power Consumption

● Up to 180 Degrees Beam Angle - The light spreads uniformly across a 180 degree angle in a smooth, high intensity light.

Dimmable LED Neon Flex

Application of Dimmable LED Neon Flex

You can use the dimming neon flex led strips for your indoor and outdoor lighting projects as they are waterproof. They are fit for diversified applications from table, kitchen, bathroom, vanity, bed, wall and car decorations to commercial signages. If you're planning on a kitchen renovation or signage construction, we have a variety of flexible neon lights for your application.

● Cove Lighting

● Landscape Lighting

● Stairs

● Product Displays

● Restaurants

● Back-lit Signs

● Kitchen Lighting

● Bars & Liquor Displays

● Window Trims

● Furniture Illumination

● Home Accent Lighting

● Architectural Lighting

● Hotels

● Ceiling Lighting

● Soffit Lighting

● Outdoor LED Lighting

Dimmable LED Neon Flex

As the sole company in China that only specialized in led neon flex R&D and manufacture over 16 years,  Senbe Lighting takes the lead in its generation from DIP LED to SMD LED; from PVC only to PVC & silicon neck. Welcome to check our dimmable LED neon flex products and contact us to get free quotation.

Dimmable LED Neon Flex

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