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Senbe History

Senbe Lighting was founded with registered trademark in 2006 when led neon flex was firstly launched on the market. We have been the sole company in China that only specialized in led neon flex R&D and manufacturing for the following 16 years. With the longest history in this segment market, Senbe takes the lead in its generation from DIP LED to SMD LED; from PVC only to PVC & silicon neck.

  • Quality Guarantee

  • Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Ever since the foundation, Senbe invested a lot and committed to the research of whole product system: electronics, structure design, new chemical materials besides PVC/silicon, assorted accessories, and different test equipments consists of optical, physical, chemical and environmental tests.

Nowadays, Senbe neon not only realize the best equilibrium point between exquisite structure design and light output performance, but reach absolute chemical stable. Our PVC neon is superior in harsh environment durability, and what’s more important, absolutely vulcanization isolated by patent design material coating. Silicon neon inheritly made many innovative improvement based on the criteria of PVC neon.

All Senbe mainline products passed international safety standards ETL and CE / IP68 by TUV. With the most dedicated team members skilled respectively in electronics, mechanics, extrusion, quality control and post-sale service, Senbe orients then further takes as our responsibility, to constantly offer customers the most innovative products featured with updated technology, durable performance, and finally, at very competitive prices.

  • Project Support

  • Project Support

Project Support

Senbe also takes the pride to work collaboratively with our customers to offer individual projects integral custom-fit solutions from design to installation, together with bespoke products if requires unique design or special dimensions, etc.

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