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How to Choose LED Neon Flex Lights for Swimming Pool?

Jun. 21, 2023

Choosing LED neon flex lights for a swimming pool requires careful consideration to ensure optimal performance, safety, and longevity. Here are some factors to consider when selecting LED neon flex lights for your swimming pool:


What Kind of LED Neon Flex Lights Can Be Used in Swimming Pools?

Designers specifically create waterproof LED Neon Flex Lights for swimming pool to be suitable for outdoor and wet environments. So we have to look for LED neon lights with an IP68 rating, which means they are water and dust resistant.


IP68 is a rating system used to classify the degree of protection provided by electronic equipment against water, dust, and other solid particles. The waterproof rating is composed of two numbers: the first number represents the level of protection against solid particles, and the second number represents the waterproof level.


The number “6” in the IP68 rating indicates the highest level of protection against dust and other solid particles, meaning the device is completely dustproof. The number “8” represents the highest waterproof level, indicating that the device can withstand immersion in specified depths of water for extended periods without sustaining damage.


In short, a device with an IP68 protection rating is the highest level of protection against water and dust, such as underwater or in watery and dusty environments.


LED Neon Flex Lights

LED Neon Flex / SF29

What are the Advantages of Installing LED neon flex in Swimming Pools?

The main function of the LED neon flex lights is to light up the swimming pool, and secondly to set off an atmosphere. RGB options are particularly versatile, allowing for the ability to change into different colors.

· Versatile: LED neon lights offer versatility as they are constructed with super flexible materials, allowing for various patterns and designs. Additionally, they are available in a range of colors and can be customized to create stunning visual effects that enhance the overall ambience of the swimming pool.

· Energy Efficiency: LED technology is low voltage powered compared to traditional glass neon tube lighting options. So lower energy consumption is ensured, resulting in cost savings.

· Durability: IP68 LED neon signs are resistant to shock, vibration, and breakage. And the raw material is anti-corrosion, anti-water pressure, and very suitable for the swimming pool environment.

· Environmental protection: LED neon lights do not contain lead, mercury, and other polluting gases, which are more environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor use.

· Long Life: LED neon signs last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacement and maintenance.

· Safety: LED neon flex lights work on low voltage, DC12v/DC24V. So, it minimizes the risk of electric shock in wet areas.

Where can LED Neon Flex Lights be Installed in Swimming Pools?

LED Neon Flex lights can be installed in various areas around the swimming pool. However, we generally install them in the following places for your reference:


1. Perimeter lighting: Many people will choose to install LED neon tubes to illuminate the edge of the swimming pool. Highlight the shape of the swimming pool, you can see the whole swimming pool clearly. It also increases security.

2. Underwater Lighting: Submerge LED neon lights in the pool to light up the entire pool. This creates a fascinating underwater effect.

3. Water features: Place LED neon tubes directly on the grass near the swimming pool, or use LED neon lights to highlight fountains, waterfalls, or fountains to create a fascinating visual effect.


What Should be Paid Attention to When Installing LED Neon Lights in Swimming Pools?

· Waterproof: LED neon tubes, waterproof connectors, power supplies, and LED controllers must be waterproof and moistureproof.

· Safety aspects: Make sure that all installation procedures and electrical connections comply with local electrical codes and regulations.

· Aftercare: Regularly inspect the lamp for any signs of damage or wear. If it breaks, there is a possibility of electric shock, which is very dangerous. So, fix any issues promptly to maintain optimal performance and security.


When we choose LED Neon Flex Lights for your swimming pool. First of all, the waterproofness of the LED neon tube must be considered, and it must be an IP68 silicone neon flex lights. You need to know their suitability for wet environments, desired color temperature, installation location, and proper installation technique.

By choosing high-quality LED neon flex lights and following the installation guidelines, you can enjoy IP68LED neon tubes creating a visually stunning and safe swimming pool environment.


 LED Neon Flex Lights

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